Sunday Blues

3 min readMar 12

Are they real?

Today is Sunday… it's funny how many Sundays over my lifetime have been low-mood days. Before writing this, I thought I’d research a little and add some fascinating facts to my short article …I googled Sunday Blues and immediately saw hundreds of articles on the subject…. so it’s real, BUT I STOPPED there, did no research and am writing my thoughts on the subject…let me know yours.

In my culture, (if I even have one)…Sundays have always been days of rest, shops closed, no work (unless on call)…days where you are perhaps less likely to use the speed of life to hide or camouflage your feelings. Life slows down enough that emotions you ran away from previously come and revisit you…It doesn’t have to be bad, but perhaps if you are feeling blue, it’s a sign something is niggling and use this subconscious message to explore your emotions.

We all need to SLOW DOWN and occasionally rest…refuel, reflect and regenerate …lots of re words even rest starts with re….Dogs got this rest thing down to a fine art…I always say my dog is my best teacher …its no joke, its real…(another re…)

Typically most humble humans (narcissists excluded) will switch into a self-critical mode of varying degrees, do a quick self-review…find plenty at fault and enjoy the rest of their day feeling a bit flat, saturated in their negative self-perception…what a waste! Don’t run from it …shopping centres are a superficial escape…just too easy and keep you running from yourself. I still do that far too easily….

Perhaps start by asking yourself what you did well the past week and then what you could have done better…pretend you are talking to a friend or loved one ….agree on one task in the week ahead that will boost you to a better place without too much risk of failure and build your way out of the blues sustainably.

You might be blue because you hate your job and dread returning to work on Monday. If you hate your work, your colleagues, the long commute, the work content, or your manager who treats you with disrespect, then do start to seriously consider your options.